life as a trip (26.07.2013)

It’s the 26th of July and the day has come where the so long expected trip will start. It’s 10.00 o’clock in the morning and my cousing and his girlfriend have arrived to pick me up and drive me to the airport. But I’m still packing my last things. I hope to have everything necessary together and jump into the car at 10.20 am. On the way to the airport I receive a call from my sister, who is having holidays with his boyfriend Francesco in Calabria, Italy. She has important news for me: She is going to marry next June 2014 and wants me to be witness to their marriage! I think…the trip has started!

The flight to New York from Santiago de Compostela through Madrid with Iberia had gone extremely well. I didn’t have to complain for delays and the service on the plane was very satisfactory. During the flight we got one meal and one big snack. The multimedia system was also very pleasant. After 2 movies (Blood Diamond & Ocean’s Eleven) and some music I arrived at JFK airport. After a short taxi trip, with Ali from Tadjikistan I finally got to my Hostel Budget Inn at 200 East 34th Street New York.



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