First day in New York City (27.07.2013)

Today I woke up very early and couldn’t fall asleep again. Hence at 6.00 o’clock I got up quietly in order to not wake up the other 3 guests in my room. After having a little breakfast in the cafe in front of my hostel I started walking and orienting me a little bit on the streets of New York. This was not very difficult due to the numbered street system, in which a street gets assigned an ordinal number instead of a lettered name. The advantage of getting up early is that you don’t have to queue at the touristic hot spots. The picture below shows the entrance of the Empire State building at 8.00 o’clock, opening hour.

IMG_0693_1 IMG_0689_1

The views from the observation deck at the 86th floor.


Where is central park?


After this visit I went directly to the Bronx. The Bronx is a neighborhood to the north of Manhattan and where the New York Yankee stadium is located. Today the baseball team from New York is playing against the Tampa Bay Rays and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch this game live!



Views from my seat…


During this game I could realise how patriotic the US citizens are. Before the game started all the fans, spectators, staff and players stood up and sang with the right hand on heart the national anthem. During the breaks the TV screens displayed messages sent by fans; I can remember of one which said: Congratulations to Tom, WW2 veteran and lifelong Yankee fan, to his 90th birthday. If that was not enough, during the last third of the game the break was again used to honor 3 soldiers which served in the last Iraq war. Again all the people stood up, including players of both teams and sang another patriotic song. In my opinion nothing bad, but a really big contrast to most of the games of all major leagues in Europe.

After this exctiting experience I decided to have a walk in the Central Park on my way home to the hostel. Here some impressions of how it feels in big Central Park…

In the middle of New York City a big artificial lake


People playing baseball in one of the baseball fields in the park


…and other prefering to have a little break sitting on the lawn


Belvedere Castle



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