Like a bird (29.07.2013)

When I heard that there exists the possibility to fly over Manhattan on a helicopter I felt that it was something I had to do. It would be my first flight on a helicopter and what a better panorama could I have chosed?


How lucky I was, they assigned me the seat next to the pilot…


Ready to take off…


First stop was the Statue of Liberty…


And then we went up the Hudson river…


Back again to the Yankee Stadium, these time from the helicopter perspective…


Here we can see how Central Park really is…


Here in front of the Financial District of NY…


And back to our starting point, Pier 6.


And here moving away from Pier 6.

I spent the rest of the morning walking through the Financial District, Trinity Church and the 9/11 Memorial. Unfortunately I forgot to load the camera battery the day before so I was not able to take much more fotos.


Seat of the most important credit rating agency worldwide


Mad Wall Street, Federal Hall


Trinity Church


World Trade Center

In the afternoon I went to the SoHo district and carried out some to do’s like writing cards, laundry service and buying a GPS for the Campervan I will pick up tomorrow; in some way I have to help me out getting out of this city đŸ™‚


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