My Campervan (30.07.2013)

Today morning I packed my things in the hostel and checked out. I was moving towards Brooklyn to pick up my Campervan. When I arrived at noon they told me that the Campervan I initially was picking up had some severe problems and so I was getting another one with almost every upgrade I could possibly imagine. The Campervan was nearly new and looked awsome!




After a few administrative tasks and a little crash course about the functionality of the vehicle I was leaving Brooklyn, New York! Thanks to the GPS I had bought the day before it was a quiet simple excercise to get out of the city. Otherwise I can’t imagine how this could have been possible. After driving on the Highway until New Haven I decided to change to a more rural route, the U.S. Route 1, until Mystic where I was going to stay the night in order to visit Mystic Seaport the next day.


On the road to Mystic I continued to learn how things are different to Europe, so for example that motorcyclists don’t have to wear a helmet, or at least not in the state of Connecticut. Only thing which is indispensable to drive a motorbike are sunglasses!

The Mystic Seaport was already closed when I arrived so I decided to take dinner at a Snack Bar next to it and to enjoy the sights of the Seaport bay.



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