On the way to Boston (01.08.2013)

Where the evening before there were plenty of people on the beach walk and almost no space to park a car, there ruled a lovely silence the morning afterwards which was only breaked by the sound of the waves and some gulls.

Views from my car:



After a short morning walk on the beach walk…


I moved on to Boston. On the way I did a short stop in Newport, known as a New England summer resort. Coming from Narrangansett you have to cross the bridge shown in the picture below.




Everywhere you looked, you could see yachts, even in the town itself. I thought this place would not do any good to my budget so I continued my trip to Boston.

After an intense search for a convenient parking I moved to the hostel I had booked 2 days ago in NY. After a short shower I spent the whole afternoon exploring the city. I found out that the city enables all the major historic sites of interest with a red line on the street. You just have to follow it and forget about maps and orientation. Nice system! My favourite place: Boston Common (Park) looking up to State House.



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