Camping at Casco Bay (03.08.2013)

When I woke up this morning it was raining outside. My idea was to do some kayak on Casco Bay but the actual weather conditions were probably not the best. So I changed my plans and went to Freeport, where I visited one of the biggest outlets of New England, L.L. Bean. I went just for a visit with no intention to buy anything but then I found a first aid kid. I thought I would be better prepared just in case and so I paid for it. Afterwards I went buying some food to have in my Campervan. Until now I didn’t use it too much for cooking, but now entering a more rural area it was more than practical. After lunch I took a seat near the reception office to have access to the internet and there I met Ken and David. Two colleagues who were visiting family near Freeport and having some holidays along the appalachian trail. They gave me some new ideas what to visit on my way to Canada, which I pretty much appreciated.

Already at noon the weather had become better, so I did also some hiking along the coast of Casco Bay during the afternoon…






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