Fort Williams and nearby lighthouses (02.08.2013)

This morning I had breakfast with 2 other colleagues from the hostel. With Matt I spent more time together. He is from Australia and is doing a similar trip to mine until August, when he will continue with his studies. He has been to cities which I also have planned to visit and was coming from New York like me. So we shared our opinions and experiences so far. Matt always books the hostels, where he is going to stay, the day before. Actually he was looking for one the next day in Montreal (Canada), when two other boys, who were coming from there, heard about it and told him that it would probably be sold out or expensive to stay because there was a big festival these days in Montreal. Matt‘s feeling was like: Oh cool, I think I will stay another day in Boston…

Not for me. Coming from New York I had the impression that the city was like absorbing me and I was decided not to give her another chance to change my feeling. So I continued my way to Portland on the Interstate 95.


The coast around Portland is known, amongst others, for its many lighthouses. So I spent the afternoon visiting some of them. In Fort Williams, an ancient military base, I found probably the most famous of them, which is posted in so many postcards.



Flag of U.S. waving on Fort Williams

After this visit I made my way to a campground near the city, in Freeport. It was already late afternoon, almost evening but I had luck. They still had a place for me.


After a shower and on the way to my Campervan, Lesley the girl who attended me at the reception, invited me to join her and his partner Ien on her campsite and so did I. Lesley works part-time on the campground and Ien works in Portland on an agricultural cooperative program. They invited me to a drink and later to marshmallows with cookies and chocolate next to a fire. They are great persons and I had a great evening with them.


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