Camden and Penobscot Bay (05.08.2013)

Today I slept long into the morning. When I got out of my van I greeted my neighbour Zack. Zack invited me yesterday to join his and a colleague of him on a campsite near to mine, which I thankfully accepted. But then I felt so tired that I didn’t join them anymore. This morning we kept talking for a while and he told me that he was also heading Acadia National Park and leaving already today. Who knows, maybe we’ll see us again…

After that conversation I decided to leave my Campervan on the campground and to walk the 2 miles until Camden. Camden is a charming little town in Penobscot Bay and has served more than once as stage for a film mainly due to its picturesque harbor and the beautiful scenery, who makes it look like the perfect American-town.



After lunch I went for a 2 hour sailing tour on a windjammer on Penobscot Bay. It was really nice to sail with the wind and not to hear the noise of any engine at any time.







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