Moosehead Lake (08.08.2013 – 10.08.2013)

I spent my last 2 days switching between Lily Bay State Park at the Moosehead Lake and the town of Greenville, ME. Greenville is a little town of approx. 1‘600 people. It’s the kind of town you would never have in mind to visit but once you are there you feel very comfortable with. I would even admit that it is kind of a romantic place and looks a lot like the little towns you so often see in the American movies, for those who have never been to the US. The town is very small with almost only one crossroad, it has actually only one traffic light in the town center. Other than that you have a public library with free access to the internet, a very little museum telling the story about the town and its connection to the Moosehead Lake, a fuel station and some restaurants where you can look after a meal or a drink.




It is very calm here and because the weather has been rainy this 2 days I have spent a lot of time reading and writing in the public library. During the afternoon I go back to the Lily Bay State Park where I decided to park my van. For the rest of the day I have some walking along the Moosehead Lake watching out for some moose and having a great pasta prepared on my campfire. The area here seems to have remained untouched by human civilication. The forest keeps me surprised of how many different noises of animals or birds you can hear when you listen to it before going to sleep.


It’s already Saturday the 10th and it’s a great sunny day, though a little bit windy. I want just to post these early morning pictures and leave for my 3.5 hour trip to Quebec-City. Have a great weekend!






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