Québec City (10.08.2013 – 12.08.2013)

The way to Québec City was sometimes a lonely one, especially on the US side, where in between lumberjack towns like Rockwood and Jackman you could be completely alone on the road. On these roads you start to get a feeling of how big this country really is. On the Canada side it was not much different, like the picture below shows.


The passport control at the frontier was a very comfortable one. The officer was very cooperative and kind when answering to two questions of me.

In Québec City I had the opportunity to park my car at Katie and Ray’s house. I got in touch with them through Couchsurfing and they are two wonderful persons. They were very nice two me and helped me find comfortable in the city since the first moment. Thanks to them I went to a „Cirque du Soleil“ show for free and the performance was spectacular. That night I even had the opportunity to see a fireworks spectacle, which took place afterwards.

Québec City is not a big but very charming city on the Saint Lawrence river. It has a big and tall castle (Château Frontenac), which is visible from almost every corner of the city.IMG_1928_1




But I also enjoyed a lot the rest of the places I visited this weekend. Here some impressions…

Streets in Québec City


Parlamient building




Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec



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