Mont-Tremblant (18.08.2013)

Today I was at Mont-Tremblant, a very known ski-resort in the state of Quebec and national parc of Mont-Tremblant. But today the most important sport in this little town was probably another one; it was triathlon. The prestigious Ironman series was stopping at Mont-Tremblant. More than 2ā€˜500 participants from 50 countries were here for the second edition. Those who achieved it at the end of the day, they would have swum 3.8 km on the lake Tremblant, biked 180 km and finally run 42.2 km.



Bike and running transition zone with first participants having arrived.


And now with almost participants having arrived.


It’s time to run now; or let’s call it a marathon…


Turn to the finish line…


And the finish line…



Obviously I didin’t see only ironmens that day, but also ironwomen.

During the day I took also the free shuttle to the Casino of Mont-Tremblant which is further above following the mountain and where I could enjoy a spectacular view of Mont-Tremblant and its surroundings.



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