Montreal (13.08.2013 – 17.08.2013)

Montreal is a chapter for itself. In this town I had the opportunity to meet and learn Felipe, a spanish young man who grew up in Canada. His amiableness is immense. I lived at his house for the entire period I was in Montreal and thanks to him I felt like at home from the very first moment. He is having friends at his house aaaall the time; he introduced me at least to 10 friends of him during the time I was there. He showed me also the city, especially during the night and gave me a lot of interesting inputs what to visit during the day. Thanks to him I became also a little fan of the ice hockey team „The Canadiens“. It was really entertaining listening to him talking about the Canadiens with that enthusiasm. I must admit that the stage in Montreal would have been much different if I did not meet Felipe.

The city itself is very easygoing. I don’t really know why but there are a looot of churches. I visited some of them because you find almost one at every third corner. Very impressive was the „Oratoire de Saint Joseph de Montréal“. It is the second biggest basilica after the one in Rome.



Very beautiful from inside were also the « Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal»

IMG_2021_1 IMG_2023_1

and « Cathédrale Marie-Reine-Du-Monde ».


As a big Formula 1 fan I visited also the “Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve”. The circuit is open all year round to public (for free) and a lot of cyclists go there to do sport and practice. I walked the entire track and enjoyed the atmosphere of being back to a Forumla 1 race track again.





Other points of interest to me were the Biodome and Planetarium,


Place des Arts


and old Montreal with the port installations on the side.



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