Gettysburg (25.08.2013 – 26.08.2013)

The day after we visited Niagara Falls we drove directly to Gettysburg. It was a quite rural journey.


On the way we stopped in a biker’s road bar where we enjoyed the live country music a local group was playing and a great lunch.


When we arrived in Gettysburg it was already late. So we only visited the museum where they explained very easily the causes of the civil war, the battle in Gettysburg and the consequences after this historic event.


The next day we drove the self-guided tour along the battlefield beforeĀ continuing our trip to Washington.

IMG_2738_1 IMG_2750_1 IMG_2755_1 IMG_2773_1

Already in Washington we installed us near to Union Station where our friend Carlos was arriving by bus from Mexico. It was a really nice moment when we saw him again. Carlos has been traveling for almost 8 month in south and middle america and is joining us now to continue his adventure in north america. After a nice dinner we went celebrate this encounter in a bar near to the Capitol.





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