Charlottesville / Crozet (31.08.2013 – 01.09.2013)

In Charlottesville/Crozet we made an incredible encounter. We met Tafline, a Couchsurfer who let us stay at her ranch. The place is just amazing! I would use this 3 words to describe it: Nature, Peace and Repose.



House where we stayed


But even more amazing was Tafline. She couldn’t have treated us better during our stay. Together we went on a hiking tour through a big and deep forest crossing rivers and climbing over trees and rocks to get to a big waterfall. Few minutes after arriving it began to rain heavily. We bathed under the rain and waterfall hearing to the thunderstorm. Just insane!

Together with Tafline we met other Couchsufers in Charlottesville and spent a great Saturday night. Also to remember – > the great Burgers we ate at Citizens Burger.




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