Fort Pierre (09.09.2013)

After we dropped of Oscar at the airport the 08.09.2013 already in the evening, Carlos and me started a big road journey to Fort Pierre in South Dakota. The idea was to visit the Fort Pierre National Grassland and the buffalo ranch where a big part of the movie “Dances with Wolves” had been filmed. I’m a really big fan of the film and the book as well. I always had in mind, like John Dunbar, to try to find and feel the loneliness of the great prairies of the midwest, at that time still west. So we left Chicago and drove hours and hours…


crossing the states of Ilinois, Iowa and South Dakota. For a long part of the way the highway went across big fields of corn…


The only stop we maid, apart from the ones at the gas stations, was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s biggest city. The reason was not the city itself, but the falls…



and after hours and hours of driving we finally got to the Fort Pierre National Grassland…


and the town Fort Pierre. Fort Pierre is next to Pierre, which is South Dakotas capital. They are only separated by the Missouri river. So, already late in the evening, we went for a beer in front of the Capitol and the WW II memorial.




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