Farmington (23.09.2013)

Today was a transition day, where we would be driving for a long part of the day to our next destiny. After having left Aspen the day before during late afternoon, we drove through towns like Carbondale, Delta and Montrose to finally arrive to a town, whose name we only got to new the next morning, Ridgway.

It was probably the freezing temperatures, which woke us up early in the morning. After a short breakfast and stop at a gas station we were ready for the journey. The first town we arrived was Ouray, hided in a narrow valley, forming part of the Rocky Mountains. The next two passes we had to drive through had been snowed over night. The road conditions were not the best ones and the road didn’t seem too safe, especially when you don’t have a guard rail and the downhill grade is several hundred meters. But maybe the views at some places were worth it to drive through that day…


When arriving and leaving the mining town of Silverton the views got even more spectacular…



Shortly after lunchtime we arrived in Farmington, New Mexico, where we had time to have lunch and buying some things before meeting John, the elder man who would introduce us to our next adventure, which would last several weeks.


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