Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley (19.10.2013)

Today I had 2 sightseeings on the plan, so I decided to get up really early. After driving some part of the Route 66 among other roads I arrived at Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Canyon de Chelly




Canyon de Chelly is a place where exclusively indian/native american people live. The land belongs to the Navajo nation, one of the multiple indian tribes. If you want to explore the ground of the canyon you have to hire an indian scout (Navajo) who will show you the canyon either on a pickup or a horse riding tour. For the other visitors there is still the rim route which goes along the top of the canyon. There is only one place where it is allowed to hike down. The name of the hiking path is „The White House Trail“


and takes you to the old ruins of an ancient pueblo civilization (Navajo).



I didn’t have too much time so I almost run down and up for the 2 hour hiking including some lunch at the bottom of the canyon. At the end of the canyon rim you get to the famous „Spider Rock“.



All in all the canyon is beautiful to see. A little bit annoying were the plenty of signals warning you from not letting anything valuable in the car. It looks like this indian land is still a little bit wild.

Monument Valley

After the beautiful scenery at Canyon de Chelly I drove all the way to the Monument Valley along lonely roads across the dessert of Arizona.


When I arrived at Monument Valley the sun was already starting to disappear. At this time of the day the colour of the rocks gets even more intense and red.




And so I left Monument Valley behind me.



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