Tijuana, Mexico (16.11.2013)

Since San Francisco Carlos and me had in mind to drive all the California State Route 1 until Mexico and today was the day when we finally would arrive to our destination. We were not 3 friends anymore, but 4. The night before in the hostel in San Diego we met Benjamin, a nice young backpacker from Switzerland who was also interested in coming with us. Together we crossed the border almost at noon, no waiting queue, no pass control…

Tijuana was almost, if not, a culture shock. The life on the street felt defenitely more alive and sometimes also a little bit chaotic. Lots of traffic, Mariachis playing guitar and singing traditional folk music and everybody trying to sell you something. Even if not with my Canon around the neck it looked obvious that we were not from this city and country, especially when having Benjamin in our group, blond and with blue eyes.




Even if Tijuana is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico we decided to leave the main street, named “Avenida Revolución” in order to head to a concert more in the periphery. The landscape of the streets was sometimes not very welcoming but nothing bad happened and we spent a nice evening together with the locals.




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