Goodbye (29.11.2013)

After visiting 28 states, 3 countries, travelled 16‘000 km in a van and put much more foot steps into the ground my trip has come to an end. I’m taking off in a plane leaving to Europe again and overflying Chicago, observing the impressive iluminated silhouette of the city in the darkness and a lot of memories come up to my mind. What was the best experience, moment, place or surprise I encountered on my way trough this continent? It is hard to find an answer and difficult to be honest. Every place, person or situation was different but as enriching as the last one. Even if things sometimes were not fine or good you kind of appreciate all the situations having been involved in, giving you the impression of the trip being more complete and having learned more.

Life as a trip has shown me that life is really a journey and that all the good moments, places or persons confronted in your personal path are a lot of times of short time life and mostly will come to an end. Cherishing the present has become therefore even more important to me. The hardest thing after all would be to feel not having enjoyed the nice moments to its fullness.

Lastly, I would like to thank at this place all the people who kept in in touch with me during my trip either by commenting my blog, phoning, writing me an email or just sending a text message. You all make it easier for me to come back.



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